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Studying and working in ecology has always had its challenges. But, with mounting financial pressures and increased obstacles to establishing yourself and maintaining a position in the profession, it is getting even harder. We already do a great deal to support ecologists of all ages through our education, careers and grants programmes. But we would like to do even more. That is why we are appealing to you to make a donation today by clicking the blue button.

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You can donate from £5 – £500 and you can even tell us how you would prefer your donation to be spent.  You can chose one or more of the following options.

  • Ecology –  The Next Generation provides funding to support our initiatives designed to attract the best talent into ecology and increase the diversity of people studying and working in ecology.
  • Ecology in Africa provides additional  funding for our work with local partners in Africa including our successful and Ecologists in Africa grant programme.
  • Bridging the Gap supporting PhD students  and early career ecologists in the difficult period when funding has ended and they are looking to secure their first position in the profession.

You can even make a donation in the old fashioned way by sending us a cheque to:
Fundraising, British Ecological Society, Charles Darwin House, 12 Roger Street. London WC1N 2JU.

If you like would to designate which of the above giving options you would prefer your money to go to, just write it on the back of the cheque.  Whatever you decide we will make sure that your money is spent to generate, communicate and promote ecological knowledge and solutions.  You will receive a written confirmation of receipt of your donation.

Every donation, however large or small will make a difference because demand for all our programmes always exceeds supply and our ability to support deserving applicants. For example, only 6% of applicants to our Ecologists in Africa programme receive funding, even though 20% of them score above 80% in their assessment. BES travel grants designed to help early career ecologists attend meetings and symposia are often exhausted a few days after we open for applications.

So hit the big button to make a difference. This will take you to our events page.  Just follow the link: Donations 06 December 2016 – 06 December 2017 > Prices: BES – Free. > And click to make a donation.

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Legal Bit

By making a donation you acknowledge that the British Ecological Society, while making every effort to allocate your gift as requested, reserves an overriding discretion to allocate your gift to other crucial work of the Society and so it represents a gift to the Society for its general purposes and mission to generate communicate ecological knowledge and solutions, subject to this, your expression of wishes.