Peatlands Research

The British Ecological Society's Peatlands Research Special Interest Group


Secretary:  Ian Rotherham or
Deputy Secretary: Sarah Edwards
Publicity Officer: Rachael Maskill
Events and publications details: Christine Handley
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Peat and peatlands are critically significant in climate change and environmental resilience to change. Not only reservoirs of tremendous significance for their biodiversity, peatlands are important as storage sinks for global carbon and water. Peatlands are also important sites for understanding human and environmental history. From pollen and insects that tell the story of long-term environmental change, to bog bodies and bog ‘oaks’; peat palaeo-ecological records preserved in peat profiles hold information on past times and events.

The Peatlands Special Interest Group emerged from the former Mires Research Group. Acting as a hub for a wide range of external partners and collaborators, the group helps to disseminate skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for all aspects of peatlands, including their conservation and restoration.


  • Forum for exchange of information between ecologists, conservationists, land managers, policy makers, and others interested in peat and peatlands landscapes
  • Foster and promote understanding of all aspects of peatland environments and ecology worldwide and to promote their conservation;
  • Disseminate essential skills and knowledge, through meetings, workshops, field visits, and social media, as well as collaborating with other societies and interested individuals.

Current / Future Meetings

This is a joint Climate Change Ecology and Peatland Research Group workshop to advance our understanding of the impacts of climate change on blanket bogs and the implications for conservation.


15 – 17 June 2017: What Capability Brown did for Ecology: the legacy for biodiversity, landscapes, and nature conservation
Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield

9 – 10 September 2017: Raptors, Uplands & Peatlands – Conservation, Land Management and Issues
Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield


With members from across the world, the group has an informal committee and works closely with the UK branch of the International Peat Society.

Rachael Maskil  Moor
Kieran Sheehan
Simon Caporn
Olivia Bragg