Quantitative Ecology

Developing skills and sharing methods to encourage ecological good practice.


Secretary: Nick Golding
Student/Early Career Representative: Duncan Procter
Blog and social media: BES Quantitative Ecology blog, Twitter and Facebook


There are few areas of modern ecology that do not rely heavily on quantitative methods! Ecological modelling and data management are rapidly expanding sub-disciplines of ecology, and so the group helps its members obtain advice, learn, apply good practice and collaborate.

The SIG runs regular training and scientific events, an annual event at the BES Annual Meeting and host a community-contributed set of guides for quantitative methods  – feel free to share your input!

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  • Support quantitative skills development for all ecologists
  • Improve dissemination of new quantitative methods to their users
  • Provide a forum to advance quantitative ecology in its own right

Events and Meetings

Details of our upcoming events will be available soon.

Committee members

  • Nick Golding (secretary)
  • Susan Jarvis (deputy secretary)
  • Dominic Bennett (online resources coordinator)
  • Simon Dellicour (online resources coordinator)
  • Miriam Grace (policy & social media rep)
  • Laura Jane Graham (blog master)
  • Duncan Procter (training and early career rep)
  • Rob Salguero-Gomez (finance officer)
  • Rick Stafford (co-organiser)