Wales Policy Group

Ecologists and policymakers working together to better embed ecological knowledge into the Welsh policymaking process.

Snowdonia National Park Alejandro Roman Gonzalez

The Wales Policy Group launched in 2015, with the aim of bringing scientists and policymakers together to discuss environmental policy in Wales.

In 2017, the WPG aims to run two events and six newsletters, and develop an online discussion forum, with future plans to run training workshops, write consultation responses, or take forward other ideas from group members.

The group is currently chaired by Dr Eleanor Kean, Research Associate at Cardiff University. Eleanor is looking for someone to be vice-chair of the group, with a view to taking over as chair in 5 months time when Eleanor goes on maternity leave. If you are a BES member based in Wales, and are interested in getting involved, please contact Eleanor Kean  or Camilla Morrison-Bell to find out more about the group and express an interest in becoming vice-chair.

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